• Let’s go through the document to help you understand fully about the project and its potential.
  • Find and meet a Sponsor or Leader to be consulted to build up your own passive income system effectively.

Q1: What is Matrix 510, which has been discussing about recently from communities?

A: Matrix 510 (or Matrix510, no space in between) means a matrix of 5 and get benefit on 10 levels. This is a decentralized financial support community (aka. DeFi) in the spirit of "GIVE AND GET. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GET.".

Q2: How does Matrix 510 work?

A: Matrix 510 is a borderless global DeFi. It operates on BNB Smart Chain blockchain (or in other forms like Binance Smart Chain, BNB, BSC,... network). Participant will use any crypto wallet supports BNB network, available USDT balance enough to "Give" and later "Get" back USDT when necessary conditions are fulfilled.

Q3: Where is Matrix 510 from? Who is the owner?

A: It is first introduced in the USA. As almost other DeFi projects, the operation team and owner as well as participants are anonymous. Obligation (Give) and Benefit (Get) from participants are automatically recorded (almost immediately) on the blockchain without an intermediary.

Q4: How to join Matrix 510? What are the requirements?

A: As mentioned before, this is a "DeFi" application, so participants should have enough knowledge about crypto and blockchain. Understand and aware of its potential as well as any risk may cause from it. To participate, user needs to install a crypto wallet supports BNB network, prefunded with USDT enough to cover the minimum requirement fees. Then, user will login to the dApp gateway at or from the referral/affiliate link provided by your sponsor, who introduces this opportunity to you.

Q5: There are sources from different websites discussing about Matrix 510, which are the official ones?

A: The project dApp gateway only operates on domain name with English interface. So make sure to only allow your crypto wallet to connect to Other websites with different contents and languages, are the sources of information, guide users to participate from communities and from different countries. Keep in mind whatever sources you refer, the official gateway is only

Q6: What is minimum USDT balance required by the system?

A: You need to deposit at least 27 USDT, separated in steps as follow:

  • First 2 USDT is for account activation (click on Activate button), officially recorded to the system and linked to an upline user and to a referrer.
  • Next 5 USDT is for partnership asset investment (click on Invest button).
  • Next 10 USDT is for referrer giving (click on Referrer button). This amount will be transferred to your referrer who introduce you to the network. Only when you give 10 USDT, you will have chance to get from your referrals when they starting to give.
  • Next 10 USDT is for upline giving (click on Upline button). This amount will be transferred to your upline. Only when you give 10 USDT, you will have chance to get from your downline users when they starting to give.

Q7: How long do I need to pay this 27 USDT?

A: There is no minimum or maximum timeframe for payment. However, the later you make the payment, the smaller chance for you to get from other users when they give. When they give, you will not get unless you already give. Always take the opportunity as soon as possible.

You can also click on any transparent background buttons like Button name to see the transaction log where it shows the transaction hash as well as the time of payment.

Q8: Is there any limitation about the number of participants?

A: The system spreads limitless, unlimited users, borderless... So you can share the opportunity to as many users as you can and invite them to participate via your referral link. Once they participated via your link, you will have chance to get 10 USDT referrer giving from them when they starting to give. Each user will have maximum 5 direct downline users. More users to come, you will need to add them under your other downline users.

Q9: How many times do I need to give?

A: When you first give, you will get commission from your 5 level-1 direct downline users when they starting to give. When you make 2nd giving, you will get from 25 level-2 downline users when they starting to give. And so on, you can give 10 times and get from level-10 downline users.

Q10: What is unlock fee?

A: There is a 10 days waiting time between each giving, except the 1st give. In case you want to give sooner, then you need to pay the unlock fee. The cost for unlock 1 next give is 2 USDT and the cost to unlock all remaining give is 10 USDT.

You can choose either Unlock 1 level or Unlock all option.

Q11: What if I don't add enough 5 direct downline users?

A: Downline users will be added by you. You can also add downline users to your other downline users under your network too if there is still available position. Besides, downline users can be added automatically by the system follow by a pre-configured algorithm, based on "most active" branches are in priority principle. Meaning that, if your network branch has more users then it will have more chances to be filled by new users, more chances to get.

Q12: Why I need to invest in token and what is this token?

A: The system principle is "Give and Get". However, participants together with project community also have opportunities to invest in potential DeFi projects, selected by the community or by the operation team, in particular time. Participants will receive an equivalence amount of token from DeFi project to the USDT amount invested each time. At this moment, matrix510 chose BTCF token as its partnership project. This is a listed token on CEX and DEX. You can get more information about it at website.

Q13: When will I get invested token to my wallet?

A: It depends on the partnership token policy. Normally there is a 30 days token vesting schedule. Right after making the invest payment, you will receive an investment package number (click Invest button to get your package number). Use this number to provide in the vesting application from partnership token website and trigger token release process when it meets the schedule.

Q14: Why I give but don't get back?

A: You only get from referrals and downline users when they starting to give. Besides, you need to give before the time they give. When they give and you don't give yet, you will also don't get from them.

Q15: How do I know if my downline users are already given?

A: You can see your downline user's status when login to the dApp. Under user's address, there will have status (next to a trophy symbol and may in white/red/yellow colors) shown as follow:

  •  Invest the user is activated and waiting to invest.
  •  Referrer: the user is waiting to give referrer. Referrer will get when user make referrer giving.
  •  Upline: the user is waiting to give upline. Upline user will get when user make upline giving.
If a user is your level-1 downline, when he/she gives 1st time and you also give 1st time, you will get. If a user is your level-2 downline, when he/she gives 2nd time and you also give 2nd time, you will get. Etc.

Q16: I did make the payment but the system does not show next step to me?

A: Errors sometimes happens (not often) during the payment process between your wallet and blockchain due to network issue and wallet interaction. If a case arise, first check on the blockchain ( to get the success transaction hash and paste it to “Resubmit transaction hash” function. The system will check and record the payment if it is truly success, then you are able to go to next step. Don't try to make the payment again before trying to resubmit the transaction hash, otherwise it will be duplicated and lost.

Q17: Why I don’t get from my referral users?

A: First, make sure this referral user linked to your account as some users activate their matrix510 account without a referral link hence they are linked to a random referrer instead of you. Second, also make sure your referral users already give. Finally, make sure you also give at least once before your referral users’ give.